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Chiropractic Care for Back, Neck, Shoulder, Headache and Sciatica Pain

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Treatment goals are to reduce pain, increase strength, mobility, and flexibility,
and prevent future injury and dysfunction

Back Pain Relief

Your spinal column allows you to stand, walk, sit, bend, turn your head and a million more things. Pain and stiffness can get in the way of doing the things you want to do


Pain that shoots down your legs, starting from your lower back is the familiar sign of sciatica. We help our patients relieve the pressure on the discs and eliminate sciatica pain

Headache Treatment

Headaches come in many forms, and tension in other areas of your body might be to blame. Our chiropractors will help you eliminate headaches at the source

Chiropractic Care

Proper alignment of the vertebrae of your spine, along with flexible tendons and muscle strength are the key to proper posture and body movement

Hip Pain Relief

Many large muscle groups converge at the hips, and proper alignment and strength helps our bodies move, run, jump, and walk

Ideal Protein Weight Loss

“You are what you eat”, but you quite literally are made of the energy derived from the food you consume


Relieving pain is the first step, but improving strength and flexibility will keep you pain free. Now and in the future

Shoulder Pain

Discover and eliminate the root cause of your shoulder pain. Pain in your shoulder impacts lifting, reaching, carrying and pushing


Eliminate Your Pain


Improve Your Strength
& Flexibility


Become the Best
Version of You



Book your appointment

The first step to eliminating pain, improving posture, and gaining strength and flexibility is to schedule an appointment. Use book and appointment online or call our office at 773-796-2304.


Complete Your Health History

Fill our your health history form to tell us a little more about your symptoms, your health history, and other information that will help us provide you will quality care, starting from your first visit



At your first appointment, our doctors will evaluate your symotoms, your movement and flexibility, and possibly take x-rays to identify the cause of your pain and discomfort



Your doctor will create a treatment plan that is specific to you, and addresses the root cause of your pain and discomfort. Each patient is unique, and their care plan is too!

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  • The experience was awesome–I called with questions, the lady eased my mind by explaining how affordable the visit and treatment would be. Then the doctor was very thorough in explaining his assessment and assured me the process would be helpful. Great visit. Have already spread the word to friends.

    Craig B.
  • Very honest and knowledgeable! Only chiropractor I trust. Moved to brookfield and still make the drive over there weekly. Refuse to see anybody else

    Paul R.
  • Dr. Toulios, is extremely educated and spends time with you to understand your needs, your problems with pain and explains how he can help and what is the plan. Awesome doctor!

    Oksana Y.
  • Nicole was above and beyond helpful. She got me an appointment to be seen less than 24 hours after we called and emailed all the paperwork to my wife so I could fill it out ahead of time. Dr Hausch was easily able to see what my issues were and start helping me immediately.

    Robert R.
  • I've been seeing Dr. Tulious since 1999 I'm always very pleased with him and his staff they go the extra mile and Tom cares about each patients wellness. I will continue my services even after he retires cause I'll make him

    Jason W.
  • Dr Hausch is very knowledgeable with what he does. He was very patient, thorough with explaining everything, and a great listener. I felt very comfortable. And his staff is all so helpful and nice. I was feeling so much better after my first 2 visits! I am thankful to have found this office.

    Jackie W.


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