Recurring Back Pain

Case Study

This patient sought chiropractic treatment
immediately after her car accident, but didn’t keep up with the maintenance exercises because life just got too busy. As a result, the pain returned worse than it was before.


Active Runner Needed to Get Back on Track

Before returning for chiropractic care, running was becoming more painful. I was able to run every day, but not outside, I had to run only on a treadmill.

During my daily routine, I took every opportunity to stretch just to keep the pain away. I would stretch before and after running. In my kitchen, the countertop is the right height of where my back pain is, so I lean against the counter to find relief. I’ll stand there checking email, actually any chance I could get I would stretch there. I didn’t stop exercising because I know it is important to keep moving, but my pain just got too severe.

I knew from past experience that seeing a chiropractor helped take the pain away and helped me to feel better. I had been ignoring myself for too long. I think as a parent sometimes self-care is hard to prioritize, which was my
reason for stopping treatment all those years ago. Life just gets in the way – but you can’t have a good life if you are constantly in pain.

Currently, I am seeing Dr. Toulios about once a week. I am also doing the daily exercises he’s given me between my visits. I started out with a very stiff back, but the stretching and the treatments have made a big difference in how I feel and have reduced my pain.

My first impression of Greenwood was very positive, I’d describe their atmosphere as welcoming and therapeutic.


It has been such a positive experience to feel better

I feel really good. In between treatments I do stretches in the morning and in the afternoon. I understand now how much I really have a part to play in my recovery. Now knowing what to do and how to help myself heal I am in such a good physical position, and mentally I am much more positive as I am pain free.

Just from the few stretches I’ve been taught, I am able to prevent myself from being in excruciating pain.

Family Help
I referred my sister and my dad to this clinic for their pain. My sister was having back pain from running and my dad had hurt his neck.
Dr. Toulios treats them too. He knows our family and can now treat us all accordingly.

The staff, Dr. Toulios, the atmosphere, my progress, it has all be a very positive experience. They are helpful, they accommodate your lifestyle and other
demands and strive to provide the best treatment plan that works for you. I feel good. I am pain free.

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