Lower Back Pain

Case Study

A school teacher with physical demands at work tweaked her back due to heavy lifting. Ignoring the pain to push through with her daily work, the pain became too much. It negatively affected how she performed at her job, how well she slept at night and her daily life.


Moving Heavy Boxes

It may be silly to say this, but I wasn’t injured because of some athletic endeavour or because I was the victim of acar accident. I simply moved a heavy box the wrong way one day and it resulted in serious pain that I couldn’t get relief from.

The delay in seeking treatment was only due to the rest of my life being so busy. I work at two different schools and am on the move through the week. There wasn’t the time to see a medical professional until the pain affected the rest of my life, including my daily mood.

I was nervous to see the chiropractor as I hadn’t been to one before. It did take a little while for the adjustments to take hold and for me to feel continuous relief.

I was never an athlete so was not aware how much stretching helps the body. There were a lot of educational aspects to my treatment which I really appreciated. It was key for me to learn how many things in the body are connected to each other and affect each other. By learning this I felt like I could take an active role in my recovery.


Knowing I Can Sleep Well

Besides the back pain going away, the mental anxiety went away as well. Just knowing I won’t be in pain, that I can have a good night’s sleep, that I won’t toss and turn all night due to the pain, is a huge relief.

Get the help as soon as you are hurt. The sooner you get help, the sooner you’ll feel the relief

Everyone in the office is friendly, glad to see you and happy to help. They are really welcoming and take the time to explain everything to you so that you are comfortable with every step of the treatment.

Through my treatment, they identified some posture issues I had. They have helped me work through those and strengthen my back so that I am no longer in pain, and I have a stronger back now too. I feel wonderful.

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